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Purdue Center for
Regional Development

Small Business Development

Start Stronger, Grow Faster and Work Smarter

ISBDC provides entrepreneurs expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources. PCRD hosts two of the 10 regional ISBDCs. Services provided include one-on-one consulting, strategic planning, market research, loan assistance and much more. The ISBDC targets both existing businesses and start-ups with a full range of services.

The ISBDC creates a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth and sustainability of Indiana’s small businesses by providing entrepreneurs expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources.

The ISBDC Network aims to accomplish its mission through a continuous focus on impact, realizing it is not enough to hold training events and meet with clients, but that tangible value needs to be provided to our clients as a result of outcome-focused SBDC engagement. All engagement has a primary focus on the existing entrepreneur or business and on viable new business opportunities with the prompt identification, documentation and communication of client needs and action plans.

In serving ISBDC clients, our activities involve consistent follow-up and ongoing concern for the future needs and enterprises of existing clients, consistency in product and program offerings and delivery, and connection to internal and external programs, products, resources and partners.

In order to have a prominent and earned reputation as a valuable economic development programs, the ISBDC engages and relies upon advisory boards at the state and regional level, cooperates and remains well-informed on the programs and offerings of State and SBA partners, and maintains a presence before local governments, universities and other economic development organizations.

Simple and understandable performance measures derived from identifiable goals enable us to communicate and demonstrate our value to clients, stakeholders, government and the public. These performance measures are not goals to be reached, but they are instead indicators of actions calculated to have a positive and measurable impact on Indiana businesses. All engagement from the ISBDC is identifiable by its professional attitude, appearance and output.

When we act to realize this vision, the ISBDC will become and remain the primary statewide resource network for business planning and business growth activities; will be acknowledged and respected as a wise investment of money, resources, and time by all those who encounter it; and will serve as a national model to be praised and emulated by other SBDC networks.

No Cost, One-on-One Business Consulting

ISBDC Business Advisors will evaluate your business from top to bottom or target specific areas to help find efficiencies.

Whether you are in the startup, growth or mature business stage our trained advisors will help you start stronger, grow faster and work smarter.

Strategic Planning

The ISBDC strategic planning process provides clients with tangible plans they can start implementing immediately. ISBDC Business Advisors will help you and your team develop goals, strategies and tactics to reach your company vision.

Financial Understanding and Growing Your Bottom Line

Develop a better understanding of what your financial statements are telling you about the health of your business. No advance knowledge of accounting is necessary. The ISBDC will assist in developing a plan to generate a greater net income while strengthening operations.

Business Planning Software

The ISBDC offers SmallBizNavigator, an online planning tool, which includes feasibility, business and marketing plan templates to help you create a detailed map for your business. The ISBDC, in partnership with Fifth Third Bank, also offers SmallBizU, which teaches entrepreneurs money, marketing and management through the delivery of 20 core courses online.

Researching Your Industry

The ISBDC has access to many nationally recognized market research databases. Our Business Advisors will help you leverage these tools to locate accurate and relevant industry information such as market trends, best practices, current conditions, executive insight, industry opportunities and future industry specific technology.

Find out how your business income statement and balance sheet compare to businesses of the same size, in the same industry, using industry financial ratios with research compiled from local and national publications.

Understanding your business, market and competition is crucial to finding your way to the top.